Quality policy

Making lean manufacturing a lifestyle, we manufacture in a way that can compete in terms of:
• Security
• Quality
• Service
• Price
and by securing the future of our company, staff and environment.

Revision Date : 15.06.2011
First Publication Date: 22.01.2009
Revision: 01

Environment and OHS Policy 

As NSK employees, in our company founded in Karacabey, We undertake that we will
with the awareness of that energy and natural resources are limited, by adopting continuous development and improvement as a principle in all aspects of our operations; 
1.1 contribute in the prevention of environmental pollution,
1.2 reduce waste at its origin,
1.3 use natural resources and energy efficiently,
1.4 identify risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in our factory with effective risk analysis methods and accordingly take necessary measurements,
1.5 take into account the environmental and occupational health and safety risks in our design activities
1.6 provide any kind of support in order to achieve and improve the goals and targets identified in the areas such as efficient use of natural resources, prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases and reduction of waste at its origin,
1.7 fulfill legal and other requirements.
We have made and will make our past and future actions publicly available and as NSK employees, we acknowledge that we have a primary duty to create and maintain a safe and environment-friendly work environments by carrying out works aimed at improving knowledge and awareness levels of our employees working both in our factories and in our projects as well as those of our suppliers on the basis of the “First Human Health, Safety and Environmental Protection” philosophy. 

Revision Date: 25.02.2016
First Publication Date:13.01.2013
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