We manage all process that demands high-technology, information and high standards and that ranges from mechanical drawing to mold processes, from solid modelling to its final shape in vertical machining centers ''under a single roof''.

Quality Laboratory

From a product’s concept stage to the point when it becomes a final part, all processes are followed in NSK Hot Metal ForgingQuality Laboratory using the IFS ERP program. We aim to carry out an error-free production thanks to measure, mechanical, and fracture-related checks performed after the constantly improved production process.
NSK Hot Metal Forging aims to produce the right product within the shortest time usingthe following tools available in its quality laboratory;
  • - Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell rigidity measuring device
  • - Spectrometer material chemical analysis device
  • - Magnetic particle fracture control device
  • - Dimensional control devices
  • - 3D measuring device

Molding Room

 We develop our molds “perfectly” in order to produce designed products problem-free using our;
  • - Universal lathes
  • - Universal milling machine
  • - CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • - Welding machines of various powers

Product Development

The expert staff at NSK Hot Metal Forging’s Engineering Department develop molding and apparatus designs within the shortest time using Solidworks and Cimatron computer programs. The engineering department designs all forging processes in the most efficient way and as a result quality products are manufactured in the most economical way possible.

Hot Forging

Forging work from 100g to 20kg can be carried out by NSK Hot Metal Forging’s machinery. Increasing its monthly steel consumption to 250 metric tons, the company rapidly meets special customer requests.

NSK Hot Metal Forging carries out a standardized production with its;
  • - Lasco Hammer 6300
  • - Lasco Hammer 2000
  • - 500 metric ton Russian Friction Press
  • - 250 metric tonRussian Friction Presses
  • - 160 metric ton Russian Friction Press
  • - 500 metric ton Resin Press
  • - 250 metric ton Resin Press
  • - 50 Kva, 150 Kva, 200 Kva, 275 Kva, 350 kva, 600 kva Induction  Heating Machines
  • - 150 – 160 – 250kg Forging Machine
  • - 80, 100, 250 metric ton Eccentric presses
  • - Iron cutting machines
  • - Belt saws
  • - Rapid cutting machine
  • - 300kg rubber band sanding machines
  • - 1.20 suspended sanding machine

Rubber - Metal

NSK Hot Metal Forging manufactures rubber-metal components according to OEM standards. New product validation and mass production control tests are carried out by multi-axis durability test machines at the test center of the NSK Group.


Machining is carried out by shaping previously designed products through a cutting operation by means of cutting tools decided in accordance with the manufacturing process.

For machining the following equipment pool is used;
  • - Drilling machine
  • - Tapping machine
  • - 8”and 10”CNC turning machines
  • - CNC milling machine